Terms of Service

FlyOAdvisor recommend you go through the Terms and Conditions before accessing or obtaining any sort of information and more importantly, before booking with us. By accessing this website, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not accept all of these Terms, then you are highly recommended to not proceed further.

By accessing this page, you’re agreeing to acknowledge that we may modify these Terms, for any reason at any time, without giving any warning/notice. Please review these Terms before any purchase or seeking any information. Your continued use of this website after changes will be subject to the Terms in effect at the time of your use. FlyOAdvisor also advises you to go through the terms and conditions and privacy policy of specific airlines that you decide to book. If you wish to proceed further, following are terms or our services mentioned. Please pay attention:

  • Refund time frame for all cancellation made with 24 hours of booking the flight will be 48-72 hours. In case of an urgent refund request, you should contact your bank and get the Auth Code released.
  • In case cancellations are made directly with the airlines, it must be informed to FlyOAdvisor and an amount equal to the Base fare, after service fee and taxes, will be refunded by our end.
  • Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed and may change without any prior notice.
  • If in case, the fare booked is no more available, we will provide you with alternate options. You have all the rights to cancel the reservation without any cost charged or select the new option at the currently available fare.
  • Once the payment has been charged, the ticket(s) will be emailed to you within 4 hours of realization of full payment.
  • If in case your credit card is declined, the customer will be informed at the same time via email/phone. In such cases, it is customer’s responsibility to speak to the bank and ensure sufficient balance is available on the card for the issuance of tickets.
  • Additional charges may apply for using multiple cards.
  • Name changes are not permitted. If there are any error in the booking/ticket, the customer should report it on the same day as the tickets are issued.
  • Changes and cancellation are highly influenced by airline penalties, whereas some tickets, even after being non-refundable, may be reusable later as per the fare guidelines of the Airline. Partially used tickets and ‘NO Show’ are completely nonrefundable. In case of ‘NO Show’, entire ticket amount will be forfeited by the airline.
  • Refund time frame may vary from airline to airline. Usually, we suggest our customers a time of 10-12 weeks for the refund amount to reflect in their account. Refund can only be processed in the original form of payment.
  • Airline tickets are usually valid for one year from the date of issuance. There is a time limit to every ticket in which the travel should be completed but in some cases, the validity might not be possible due to various fare restrictions. If you need more information about the same, please contact the respective airlines.
  • By “Domestic” we mean any travel within the 50 United States and by “International” we mean all travel except the domestic travel defined above. Recommended check-in time for domestic travel is 2 hours prior to departure and for International Travel is 3 hours prior to departure. Please re-confirm your seat and other special requests such as Frequent Flyer miles with the Airlines directly at least 3 days prior to departure.
  • Infant is defined as a traveler who is less than 24 months of age at the time of travel, else child fares are applicable.
  • Unaccompanied policy varies from airline to airline. Kindly Confirm before making a new reservation if there is an unaccompanied minor is traveling by calling our toll free number .
  • Kindly ensure that you appear at the correct airline counter if the flight is operated by a codeshare partner.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all the details on your travel documents are correct and in case of any errors or discrepancies, bring it to our attention immediately. Please obtain a VISA prior to your departure date. FlyOAdvisor doesn’t arrange Visas. Please ensure to get a VISA for the country you are traveling to and the countries in transit (if applicable). For more information on Visa kindly get in touch with the airline or consulate of the respective country.
  • FlyOAdvisor doesn’t take any responsibility if an airline cancels, reschedules, or delays a flight for any reason. For all reservations booked through us, we will try to assist in making new arrangements, provided you have not already checked in with your airline for your first flight segment. After check-in, you are supposed to work directly with the airline to reach your destination or to make any alternate arrangements, including amendments to return services. Airline fees often apply for modifications to air schedules not related to airline-imposed flight cancellations, reschedules, or delays. These fees will be payable to the airline directly at the time of the request.